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Postby eagle » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:18 pm

I recently read this book and I agree it is an excellent resource. Dan Millman can speak from authority...he is a "former world trampoline champion, martial arts instructor, and faculty member at Stanford" an other universities.

The book is full of insight and advice , as Bom's quotes indicate.

For instance..he has a section on learning to learn, he discusses how blazing neurological pathways is like one would blaze a path in a field of fresh fallen snow.

Millman discusses learning techniques such as :
1 Overcompensation..."may be the single most valuable aid to rapid skill learning" both sides of a movement. When learning, our changes are often too small...because they feel uncomfortable. ( I thought of Corey Pavin doing his exaggerated swings.)
2 Ideomotor action and Mental practice
3 Slow Motion Practice
4 Beginning and End Method ( hold a position to get the feel)
5 Part -Whole Method ( modules!)
6 Imitaion: The Ultimate Technique..."make sure you have good role models", "imitaion is the master technique of learning because it works at the subconscious level".

While it is not specifically about golf, I was constantly thinking "this is like ABS " as I read it. In discussing physical/ mental/ emotional learning, the book either explains ABS principles or advocates much of what we are doing.
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