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Once a month I meet up with a member of my club who loves and collects the old stuff...he has a bunch of hickory clubs... a Bill Mehlhorn putter...lots of old books...a first edition Power Golf signed by Hogan... lot of good stuff

Anyhow he was telling me tonite that one of his friends used to make and distribute Trevino's clothes (the ones with the sombreros on them)...and that Trevino had given this guy a set of his irons....
My friend hit them a few times himself and he said he had no idea what brand they were as they weren't stamped with anything...but he used a Faultless ball at the time, and presumed they were meant to be that brand but had no stamps....anyhow....he said they were quite heavy in weight and unbelievably stiff in the shaft....he said they felt like at least XXX stiffness.... he was amazed that Trevino could do anything with them at all as all he could do was snap cut them, and he is a scratch golfer still at almost 60 years of age....interesting talk from someone who got to handle Trevino's old set of irons first hand
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Re: LEE TREVINO- Swing My Way

Postby norcalvol » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:25 pm

Speaking of Trevino's clubs, here is an excerpt from a printed interview in 2013 with Lee where he talks about his win at Merion in 1971 and the clubs he used. The rest of the interview is great, especially his descriptions of the course and its subtle perils. Link at end.


FORTY-TWO YEARS later, and I can still remember the clubs I used that week. I had a Hogan Special sand wedge, the kind with green paintfill in the Hogan signature. It was the best sand wedge anyone ever made. I used a Wilson 8802 putter, one of many I had during my career. My driver was a gorgeous PowerBilt persimmon model; I didn't miss fairways with it. I carried a 2-wood that week, a MacGregor Eye-O-Matic with a metallic-looking insert about the size of a dime. And I had a Tommy Armour 4-wood.

THE SET OF IRONS I used at Merion, best I ever had. When I went to Australia in 1969, David Graham, who won the Open at Merion 10 years after I did, told me about a great clubmaker, a man named Sandy. I found Sandy sitting in his workshop, smoking a cigarette, surrounded by barrels of iron clubheads and discouraged beyond words. "My work has been reduced to rubbish!" he said, gesturing toward the barrels. "I'm a craftsman. I've spent my life making these clubheads by hand, and nobody sees value in them. They're forging clubheads by the hundreds now, and these fine clubheads I've made--they're seen as rubbish."

I wasn't so sure about that. I took a bare shaft and went into the barrels looking for the best clubheads. I'd stick the shaft into one, set it on the ground, and choose or reject it based on the grind. Eventually I had a whole set. This was on a Monday. I asked Sandy if he could install the shafts I liked and leather grips by Wednesday, which he did. I proceeded to shoot 16 under in a tournament there, lost in a playoff. These irons were unbelievable. I won the U.S. Open at Merion, my British Opens and my PGAs with them. One day, during a streak when I wasn't playing well, I drilled holes in them to take some weight out--and ruined them. I still have them, and when I look at them I could cry. If I hadn't tried to fix them, they might be in my bag to this day.

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