Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Re: Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Postby lagpressure » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:27 am

Module #5 Student:

Two weeks ago, I think I had one of the biggest lightbulbs since enrolling ABS. I was playing a round and in the middle of it I remembered one of your posts that stated that only after P4 are the arms allow to actively participate in the swing (along those lines). I’ve been working on really preserving that pressure on both of my armpits through all my swing. So I decided to glue the upper arms to my torso and just concentrated on making the swing with my torso ( zero arm involvement) as if my hands (not the arms) where attached to my torso. My thought was to hit the ball with my right hand attached to the right shoulder and turn left level and on plane. Wow, what a difference in the compression.

I now realized that I was still actively and voluntarily firing with my arms as I was approaching impact and P4.

Now I am committed on applying armpits pressure from alignment and letting my torso drive my backswing and downswing (after mod 5 transition), accelerating post impact and releasing hands (not arms) to PV5.

Just wanted to share that! Thanks!
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