Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Re: Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Postby lagpressure » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:27 am

Module #5 Student:

Two weeks ago, I think I had one of the biggest lightbulbs since enrolling ABS. I was playing a round and in the middle of it I remembered one of your posts that stated that only after P4 are the arms allow to actively participate in the swing (along those lines). I’ve been working on really preserving that pressure on both of my armpits through all my swing. So I decided to glue the upper arms to my torso and just concentrated on making the swing with my torso ( zero arm involvement) as if my hands (not the arms) where attached to my torso. My thought was to hit the ball with my right hand attached to the right shoulder and turn left level and on plane. Wow, what a difference in the compression.

I now realized that I was still actively and voluntarily firing with my arms as I was approaching impact and P4.

Now I am committed on applying armpits pressure from alignment and letting my torso drive my backswing and downswing (after mod 5 transition), accelerating post impact and releasing hands (not arms) to PV5.

Just wanted to share that! Thanks!
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Re: Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Postby Range Rat » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:08 am

lagpressure wrote:ABS student mastering the flattening of the shaft through transition.

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Not sure what maze I was in last February but this is top notch pursuit and work here, don't know how I missed it. It makes sense, to me anyway, and how I sense this dynamic is that top-notch pivot work and striking actually has two slots, one slot to transition, and the other slot finally formed at P3- when the stage is set to put a rotational smack upon the orb. I like the Trevino pants too. :)
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Re: Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Postby lagpressure » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:07 am

Mod 4 Student

I want to the range today and had a session of my lifetime. This was strange because I was extremely consistent. I hit about 100 balls and hit 98 of them perfect. The remaining two I shanked :)

At first I couldnt work out what I was doing differently to hit the ball so great. And then it hit me - my backswing felt much flatter. Previously I always made sure my backswing was steep as this is what I always heard, read and saw (I have not reached the respective ABS module yet) but today somehow my backswing was different, flat and felt very natural.

As a consequence, my right hip felt it didnt have to move as much, I felt. I dont know - maybe that was only what I felt. And also, into the follow through, I felt I was merely turning my belly, with my legs and hipsnot doing much, other then resisting and making sure I have something to turn against.

Strange. What am I asking..... can the backswing be, or feel, flat? Can golf swing feel like hip joints are not moving much, only the “belly”/ torso? Also - regarding setup - can it feel like I am sitting deep, with weight on my heels?

I think I want to play with Mod 4 some more, incorporate the feelings above and see if I still hit the lines.....

Thanks for your patience with me. I am slowly getting there!

Mickey Wright said "you can't swing too flat". I would agree with this assuming you are still flattening the shaft through transition. Doug Sanders
would be a good study. Generally speaking an outside to inside (flat) backswing is most helpful to achieve such an objective.

As far as the hips, it can be helpful to straighten the right leg on the backswing (not locked) to assure adequate range of motion. It is imperative to maintain a cohesive body tension throughout the swing as this is really the glue to keep it all together. On full shots, we want as much shoulder rotation as possible, both on the backswing and finish, but we can still strive to keep the lower body firm, structured and stable.
The center points of cohesive body tension are covered in the ABS Module work.

As far as weight transfer, it's better to have your weight back toward the heels than forward, but there is an advanced technique to work from the right heel backswing to the ball of the left foot into the downswing as was discussed by George Knudson. This move can aid in flattening the shaft through transition via a lateral weight shift.

Thank you John. My biggest realization has been that it is no help to THINK of the moves. You just have to drill and drill and it happens by itself. When I started hitting it well, I realized that my swing and my good shots feels nothing like what I thought it should feel. In fact, my swing now feels probably a complete opposite to what I thought was right.

I now also think that golf swing cant be taught the way teachers teach it on the range. I might be wrong. But I now think that one just has to do your drills and work it out that way.... The body needs to work it out through the drills. It may sound like a biased view but I mean it. It has to be worked out I think.
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