Traditional U.S. Open Setup...really?

Re: Traditional U.S. Open Setup...really?

Postby lagpressure » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:15 pm

nfbandon wrote:I agree it is a great site with great information, but I don't see much discussion anymore. That is what I miss. I love to talk about thread over on SITD created over 1 million posts...and there is no outlet for respectful, thoughtful discussion. SITD became argumentative. This site four or five years ago had considerable discussion. Not so much now. I just think more people would come if the site talked more about the positives of classic golf, and less about how bad the current game is. It is kind of like that old guy that starts every sentence with "in my day...." I think that turns away casual traffic. What we want is casual traffic to become interested traffic. Then they might buy a persimmon wood or a classic iron....

I get this way around the majors like clockwork, usually The Masters and US Open. The British Open seems to keep some kind of sensibility to the game, and The PGA I have no interest in watching... not for decades.

The Masters won't be around for a while, and I will probably forget why I detest watching it so much by next April. So I think we are good for another 10 months before I go on another rant. Feel free to remind me not to watch it in case I forget.

As far as casual traffic here, it's comes and goes. Those interested in The Classic Game should find a gold mine of interest here, but I am not one to pander to some sort of collective golf consciousness, popularity etc. I don't advertise here which keeps it pure and honest. I think some appreciate that to varying degrees.

If I was trying maximize traffic etc, google ads, social media program, embrace the modern game and it's madness, I have to think I would not enjoy it at all.
Life is too short to waste time on things that are not of interest or that I don't have a passion for.
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