The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Re: The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Postby lagpressure » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:35 am

ballturf wrote:Hi Lag,

I looked up Movavi and they have several packages. I'm assuming you are using Movavi Video Editing software? Could you tell me which one you are actually using. Also thanks for your response. Sorry for putting this on this tread. :oops:

:D :D :D

Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus
It's just fantastic. I really wish I had this years ago when shooting all the ABS videos.

I've been working on scripting out the Hogan stuff. I think the best approach is to essentially reverse engineer it back from the classic courses, narrower fairways, small greens, far from ideal putting surfaces and fairways and the much higher spinning balata ball. You had to be better. More accurate. You had to hit great long irons. Hogan was the best striker in history, so it only makes sense to really look into it.... not just from what it looked like, but from how it DYNAMICALLY evolved over time based upon the requirements put upon it. Hogan's swing was definitely engineered to meet the task at hand. There may have been some "natural" talent, but I truly believe it was extremely well thought out down to very precise details. Whether conscious or often intuitive, the results remain the same. Hogan had an extremely advanced golf swing that in the end worked most efficiently and with a simple grace that isn't nearly as difficult to execute as is originally thought.
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Re: The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Postby k2baloo » Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:28 am

Full Hogan Snead match.
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