Play like the Devil

Play like the Devil

Postby lagpressure » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:16 am

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Move your head when you swing

Putt with a driving grip

On a good day I can power the ball 260 to 270 yards.

George Bayer can hit the ball 300 to 320 but rarely wins.

Hit the ball, don't tap it or caress it. Make contact by transferring weight and with a firm grip.

As contact is made with the ball, the shoulders turn to the left.
Forget all you have ever heard about rolling the wrists through impact.

Never think that a golf shot finishes when the club hits the ball.

I would often play entire tournament rounds without consulting my yardage book
A shot with a 6 iron today might be a 3 iron tomorrow from the same spot.
I hit my 4 iron 175 yards.

The rules of golf require a golf club to be one fixed unit and not capable of adjustment in any way.

Many of the longest drivers of the ball use a driver that weighs as little as 13.75 ounces.

Bobby Locke carried 3 woods then 2 - SW and putter
Palmer only two woods a driver and 3 wood, then 1 iron - SW and putter
Nicklaus the same.

The driver is the most important club in the bag. To play the pro game, you have to drive it long and keep it out of the rough.

In Britain, they rate accuracy above distance.

The irons are delicate instruments that have to deliver a firm blow, but also with touch and control.

The biggest key to good putting is learning to be consistent from inside 6 feet.

I use the Vardon grip to putt because it gives me the best feel in the right hand.

On a proper championship course, good shots are rewarded and poor shots penalized.

The rich piquant delight of the game lies in matching your shotmaking skill and personal dedication against a particular course.
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Re: Play like the Devil

Postby daleheck » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:31 pm

I just forwarded the link to this page to a couple of my Frying Pan buddies... all who it a mile... 'all over the lot'
like Bradley says...
Along with my usual invition to play a round with old gear ; which I can easily supply them with now :D
Love to rile them up!
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