Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Postby lagpressure » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:17 pm

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I just finished reading Greg's new book "Finish to the Sky" and found it an enjoyable read as well as insightful into Moe's life and some of the techniques he used to strike a golf ball.

This is the first time I have reviewed a book about a person that I personally knew... that being Moe. Unique again in that I also have known the author for a time before the book was written.

Some might find the re occurring jabs at others who have attempted to explain Moe's swing or have tried to profit from his brilliance... distracting. However, in this case, because of my personal association with Moe, and knowing Moe probably during the darkest time in his life, I can relate and find it also a bit exploitative. Moe was a very sensitive guy, and I think Greg is also in many ways like his mentor.

The majority of the book centers around Greg's close and interesting relationship with Moe, and this gives the reader a personal insight into Moe as a human being few others could. Because I traveled on the Canadian Tour for 7 seasons, many of the places and people mentioned were people and places I was more than familiar with. It felt like a journey to a place I had grown up in a way.

The book is worth the read just for the insights into Moe as a person. Moe was a very unique individual, far unlike anyone I have ever met.

The book isn't a step by step textbook on Moe Norman instruction and Greg makes that clear in the later chapters that anyone actually interested in pursuing Moe's particular action would be best advised to seek additional instruction either from Greg or Lawson Mitchell who I know Greg respects dearly.

However, Greg does discuss many of the concepts that Moe shared with him over the years. Important concepts that anyone could benefit from. The book is filled with many wonderful nuggets of advice and insight into how Moe approached the golf swing, striking the ball, the mental approach to playing and even short game and bunker play.

The unique sand iron that Moe used is worth exploring. I shot personal video footage of Moe using this club in 1987 and his technique was unique and more than effective.

The 3 secrets that the book leads up to are no doubt concepts that the vast majority of golfers don't know, apply or execute very well if at all to say the least. It's great stuff, and I think any advanced ABS student here would find it hauntingly familiar... particularly the Super Slotting Module and Module #7. Slotting the club, opposing forces, pressure into the right foot, holding shaft flex are all heading in the direction of Moe's idealism. Moe had a lot of influence upon my own views toward the golf swing having watched him hit 1000's of golf balls over the years personally.

I don't see a lot of difference between the objectives of Hogan, Moe, Trevino or Knudson for that matter. Accelerating the golf club through the strike, stabilize the clubface through the strike, minimize clubface rotation post impact, thin divots etc.

While Moe's address and impact positions were unique and much more upright than the others, it worked because of the way that Moe integrated that relationship into his golf swing. As Greg explains in his book, it all makes good sense.
All of these great strikers played heavy gear and very stiff shafts. Having held some of Moe's gear myself, I can attest to the heaviness of his clubs and the firmness of the shafts.

I'm glad this book was written because unlike Hogan, Trevino, Snead or even George, Moe didn't author a book on the game or the swing in particular.

We are fortunate that Greg actually stops by here at ABS from time to time and I am sure he will be more than happy to answer questions and give even more insight into the golfing great Moe Norman.
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Re: Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Postby PURE SPICE » Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:39 pm

To: John Erickson,
Your review is your opinion and i recognize you as a good teacher and player.
The one thing i will say is people do not know how to explain Moe's swing because Moe Norman only told one person the complete package. Anyone that says they understand and know Moe's golf swing is doing it from their own observation and not from actual teaching from Moe. This is why you now can now purchase`
Finish To The Sky which took myself two years to write and organize. My book provides the only instruction you will ever require on Moe Norman`s golf swing he won all his tournaments and set many course records with.
The three secrets i mention in my book are exclusive. Not a soul on this earth knew of them not even Lawson Mitchell who knew much more than others associated with Moe. For these three secrets to be blown off so easy is wrong where it is clear to see that John`s ego has entered the picture and not really recognizing where the true credit of instruction should be given on Moe's golf swing. I will make it clear to everyone that wanted a piece of Moe which is understandable since he was the best ball striker in the world. This is the golf swing Moe taught me in the seventies and no one has a claim to it`s originality except myself. Finish To The Sky is copyright for my own protection. Every golfer should purchase their own personal copy and make your own determinations on the merit of the book. I wrote Finish To The Sky for three reasons that might interest you. (1) To bring out the actual golf swing Moe taught me to the world. (2) To give Moe the justice he deserves that will eventually eliminate the false information provided by others that becomes extremely sensitive territory to me. (3) To make any golfer who is willing to learn a better ball striker by utilizing some of the great things Moe did.

Thank you for your review.
Greg Lavern
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Re: Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Postby lagpressure » Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:20 pm

Greg, you have written a quality book. However, nobody owns exclusive rights to commonly shared concepts utilized by great ball strikers. I don't teach Moe's technique directly, but I did learn things directly from him, as many others did also. He did have a significant influence on how I teach and personally swing the club. For that I am grateful. Again, your book is excellent and I am sure it will do well and be an educative and enjoyable read for those who are interested in Moe.

To ABS students,

Greg's "secrets" are covered in the ABS Module work.

1. Elective SuperSlotting Module
2. Modules #3 and #7
3. Module #6
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Re: Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Postby Range Rat » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:10 pm

However, nobody owns exclusive rights to commonly shared concepts utilized by great ball strikers.

Without a doubt Lag, especially when many are in plain sight, well sort of. You mentioned on the Moe Thread:
Stabilization of the left knee through the strike to help ground lowpoint.

That is a great one for the list of solid great ball striking attributes, as sort of like an anchor to be inside of when dealing with weight and forces. Here is one example hidden in plain sight, but not much gets by a rat's eyes. Greg the Hat giving a lesson probably trying to get his student to move, and while many will look at the student for insight, instead look at the striking left knee-leg presence while maintaining knee flex and the trail leg support of McHatton- just like Moe and others- not posed just what one does when dealing with dynamics and weight ( in this case, the student's ) and not thinking about it.

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Re: Finish to the Sky/ Greg Lavern

Postby NRG » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:34 pm

It's a shame Greg couldn't have been more civil, but I doubt we have really lost anything here.
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