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Postby lagpressure » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:59 pm

fluffy270 wrote:Hi all,
I get along famously with the Tourney Action 1's in my FC4000 M1's, I get quite a flat boring flight from these.
Both my AT1's & PT'1's have Pro-pel 1's, which feel every bit as good but with a much higher parabolic flight, these irons also play noticably longer than my M1's but I'm not quite as accurate with them.
I also own an incomplete set of Slazenger/Gradidge Tour Model (late 50's Stainless head M85 design) with the Green band Rockets. These shafts feel amazing, but unfortunately this set is missing enough irons to be more than just an annoyance.
I've a some Apex 5's here too which I need to test out to see if they will handle the ABS build weights.

One little thing I have noticed with the Mac sets I own is that the '63 Tourney Action shaft and the '62 Propels share the same shaft pattern, though the Tourney Action is tipped more. The '58 "Copper band" Propels I own have a similar step pattern to the earlier version but with slightly longer steps.
All these macs are dowelled too.

Now what are our favourite wood shafts??


The Hogan Apex 5 shaft.
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Re: Favorite Vintage Shaft

Postby fluffy270 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:23 pm

Cheers Lag,
I'll keep an eye out for that Hen's tooth.
So far I have not had the best luck sourcing woods, most of the Drivers I've picked up in the past have needed the shaft replaced due to them being ridiculously soft or bent. My stock replacement shaft has been the DGX200. At this stage I'm still yet to hit a good driver with a suitable playable original shaft.
On a side note I've ample 3 & 4 woods that are very playable with their stock shafts.
Does the playability of the Propel & tourney action iron shafts translate to the Propel & Tourney Action wood shaft in any way?

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