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Postby mrlek » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:38 am

The Ryder Cup was November 1947 and Mr Hogan is playing power bar design with steel shaft. The other earlier photos are what appear to be either Tommy Armour 3852 with coated shaft, or his re-branded personal version of them. There are lots of photos out there showing these clubs in more detail. Power Golf was published 1948 and featured the 3852 design but not sure when the photo shoot took place, possibly 1947 or earlier?

That 1948 footage you linked is definitely chrome shaft. The coated shafts don't reflect light like that. I think maybe his putter in that footage could be coated. The early spur design had it. see photos attached.

My best guess is that he played power bar from mid to late 1948 onward.

The store line versions of the power bar are mostly inferior in some way, either stainless or offset with a nick out of the top line. There was an early BAP version with coated light brown shaft. If you study the various models released its pretty clear why Mr Hogan would not be satisfied with the Macgregor products, given the high standards that were the foundation of the Hogan company.

There was a Bantam set that's chrome finish and flat top-line, believe they would have been released around 1953 judging by the ferrule design so around the time Mr Hogan left Macgregor. They have concentrated weight on the back and no offset. see photo. About the best looking Ive seen.

Hope this helps and is of interest.
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Re: Ben Hogan WITB

Postby eth14dev » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:54 pm

Thanks mrlek,

Haven't been on ABS for a while as some life situations changed, but came back to check up what I missed and saw your post. Very informative! Would love a Tourney version or Personal Model version of the Concentrated weight design, but alas I don't have $100,000 to spare on a full set if another ever came up for auction.

Still I suppose green coated 3852MS or 985/945 with TIS shaft would be a good startin point if I can get the right deal.

Thanks again!
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