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Postby Richie3Jack » Wed May 01, 2013 4:50 am

Newtown Pippin wrote:Ok ok graphite
The question about adjusting MOI still stands
Is a lighter (choose your favorite material) extension a reasonable way to adjust MOI without adjusting head weight?

You MOI will go higher (more heft) with an extension.

I'll give you a 'roundabout' example.

I had a 45-1/8" driver. It weighed 321 grams and had a MOI of 2,825.

I wanted to trim the shaft to 44-3/8", taking about 3/4" off. I cannot remember the exact MOI, but I think it was around 2,675 or so.

In order to get a 44-3/8" driver with that particular shaft to an MOI of 2,825, I needed to get the static weight to 334 grams; 13 grams heavier than the 45-1/8" driver. Essentially, the shorter the club the heavier it has to get in order to match the MOI of the longer clubs. So, if you have the same weight and make a club longer...that increases your MOI.

What I've found is:

1-gram of weight added to head = 10-12 MOI points.

1-gram of weight added to balance point on shaft = 5 MOI points

The higher up the shaft you add lead tape, the less it affects the MOI. I have been using this 'lead tape on the shaft' process to match my MOI and my Balance Index. So far it has gone well.

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