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Postby jrich99 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:19 am

fontaine32 wrote:I've played there twice after the tweaks to make it play longer, I hit driver 3 times in both rounds, hole 4 ,5, and 18, distance won't mean a thing because the way the fairways are angled and cut off forcing you to lay back , you can average 250 off the tee and score very well.. I even hit 4 and 5 irons off tees to give me a nice angle to the green.. Congressional was a different animal, you can hit driver there all day and they way it was set up it favored the bombers, not Merion... Favors accuracy and smart play.. Even if the rough is short, good luck holding the greens there on the second shot. If you're above the hole, forget it.. It's going to be a great tournament and show the world you don't need 7500 courses to challenge the best players. I pick Tiger to win, because he's such a smart player and will rarely hit driver.. My other picks are Furyk, Sergio, heck if Fred Funk was playing I'd pick him too..

I hope you're right. It would be fun to watch a real major, but given the USGA's track record in recent years, I won't hold my breath.
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Re: Distance on tour

Postby lagpressure » Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:39 am

A 12-year-old breaks European Tour record by qualifying for Volvo China Open

While this I am sure is exciting for a 12 year old, I think this really shows how the game has been dumbed down. I think back
to when I was 12 and there was no way any 12 year old would be qualifying for a PGA Tour event. There were just too many articulations needed to be refined and mastered even if you could propel the ball far enough to complete with adult tour players.

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