What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby mtmax » Mon May 26, 2014 10:40 am

I am a new student, working hard on module 1. Have been playing a flattened set of 1953 MT irons, but now am looking for some flat persimmons. So far I am still playing my upright metal woods, 135. What would be the most common persimmon lineup? 123, 134, 135, 13 only and add another iron. Just have no experience here and was hoping for some guidance. The few persimmon 5 woods I have seen do look rather odd to my eye, and I've never hit a 2 wood in my life. Of course the best option would be to just hit a bunch of all of them at the range, but up here in Montana, I bet I am the only abs'er in the state, so just wanting to get others feedback. I'm sure selection will vary from course to course, but for those with experience with the flat persimmon, what generic advice would you give a new abs student to put in his bag. If it matters I am an older student (60), handicap 11, but soon to be waaay lower. And yes it is fun to tell the league guys I just beat that my irons are 60 years old, made in the year I was born! Thanks for any help.
ps I'm sure I will eventually get an abs set of metals, 135, for when I play the longer courses with my buddies.
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Re: What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby lagpressure » Mon May 26, 2014 11:56 am

I carry a driver and two wood. I can hit the two wood off the fairway on a par 5 and also off the tee if I need to get the ball up... and it's also easier for me to work right to left. If I carry a third wood I will carry a 4 wood. It's hard to find a 4 wood that sets up nicely to my eye, but they are out there. The 4 wood is a good choice if I am playing a course with reachable par 5's where I feel a good drive can set me up for an approach that requires a higher second shot into the green... protective bunkers in the front etc. Also if the course has long par 4's and thick rough, I might find the 4 wood handy.

A two wood to me is really just a strong 3 wood.. and since I am usually wanting the distance off the fairway, it's a more natural selection for me. But there are times when I wish I was carrying a 3 wood. Ideally it's best to have a full set of driver - 4 wood, and then just pick and choose which of them you are going to game depending upon the course you are playing.

On the tighter older classic tracks, there was much more emphasis on positioning the ball correctly on the fairway, so having all those options for ball flight and trajectory made sense, including 1 and 2 iron shots off the tee. You would have 6 clubs to typically choose from to set up the drive. The game is a lot more interesting on the classic tracks... which were designed around the 16 club bag.

I tried to catch the end of the Senior PGA, but missed it and instead got Kutcher giving is playing tips with Holly. He was hitting a shot in a par 4 and explained the reason he was playing a 3 wood off the tee. Yes, he called it a 3 WOOD.
Shouldn't a 3 wood be made of wood? I find it interesting that players are still calling them "woods". Is it because "woods" are just so intrinsically tied to the game both historically and fundamentally?

The driver, two, three, and four woods were most common in the era when it was legal to carry 16 clubs. 1 iron through PW, a SW a putter and four WOODS!

To me, each club has a separate purpose, unique in flight and trajectory and it's fun to use them when appropriately called upon.
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Re: What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby 20 Mule Team » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:19 am

I carry 1-3-4-5 but that puts me at 15 clubs since I also carry 2-pw + sw + putter. If I'm playing with guys that care about the 14 club limit, I usually leave the 3w in the trunk, for two reasons:

1) I've got a great fairway finder of a Driver, so I rarely want/need to hit 3w off the tee; and
2) Off the deck I have a hard time getting enough air under my 3w shots. My driver swing speed with persimmon is around 95 and I find that with my swing speed the higher lofted 4w (19* vs 16* for the 3w) launches a lot better for me and ends up going just as far, if not farther, and usually straighter because of more backspin and less sidespin.

Every couple of months I'll go to the range and have another shoot out between the 4w and whatever 3w I've just come up with, always trying to find one that outperforms it. But I still haven't found one that works any better for me. I can carry the 4w 205-220 yards on a flushed shot and for a steel shafted persimmon head I'm probably not going to do any better with a 3w unless, and until, I can add significant clubhead speed.

Dropping the 3w allows me to carry the 5w which I find to be an extremely versatile tool. The classic 5w generally has a loft of 22* and a small head. In today's clubs it would be like a 7w or 4 hybrid. Its great on long par 3's or long par 4's, and also handy for those medium length par 4's when I sky my driver. I also use it at times to hit a controlled second shot on par 5's where I know I can't reach but don't have a great lie and don't want to risk duffing the 2 iron.

The total distance i get out of the 5 wood is not that different from my 2 iron, around 195-200 yards, but they have very different trajectories and so I find both of them useful. The 5w hits higher, lands softer, but is a little wilder, while the 2 iron may only carry 175-180 yards but launches lower, straighter, and runs out more.

So I find that a 1-4-5 configuration is optimal for me.
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Re: What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby LesMurray » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:28 am

I carry a Driver, a "Pro Spoon" (PowerBuilt 2 1/2 wood) and a 4 wood. 5 wood gets too close in distance to my 2 iron. Back in the day I would carry only Driver and 2 wood, then 1-9, PW, SW. My home course is not very long but really tight, so I don't need the driver very often.
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Re: What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby k2baloo » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:01 am

I have always liked a driver-3 wood-2 iron setup because I don't tend to like higher lofted woods.
But everybody needs to experiment to figure things out for themselves. You may be best off getting a full set of woods (maybe 1-4 or something) and eventually you will figure out what you like best.
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Re: What persimmon lineup do you like, 134, 135, 123?

Postby norcalvol » Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:21 pm

After nearly 5 months of gaming only persimmons, I seem to be settling into 1-2-4.

I like a 2 wood because I'll hit it off the tee if (1) I want some height and/or (2) the tee shot is a bit tighter than normal and there is a risk of hitting thru the FW with a driver on say a dogleg.
I also just like it better in my hands on the tee than a 3 wood. Fosters more confidence from the deck.
I've also used the 2W from the FW twice with pretty good results. Lie has to be really good though for me to use it there tho...

The 4 wood gives me lots of options in the fairway and rough. A very versatile club for me.

So the 3W gets sacrificed for the 14 club total. I'm still carrying a 2 iron instead of a 5W because the blade works much better off the deck when I have to hit a FW.
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