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Postby HB51 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:26 am

K2 and Less...

thanks for the quick response. I guess that's 2 votes for XStiff.

I was leaning that way, but was a little unsure of how to get there. I can continue to "sacrifice" a set of mp30/S300 that I don't use by pulling/tipping/inserting/extending and putting into the mp33 :shock: ....but I'm no expert repair I might make a mess of things. The mp30 also have short extensions in them making things even more convoluted. I would have to pick up a couple shafts, as well as extensions and grips.

A place I know in Fla had some mp29's, S300, XStiff about 3 months ago. I was going to check into that again....see if they're still there....Unless there was a High Consensus of switching over to a Vintage set.

K2...I assume you play vintage...watched your video's....nice.

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