The Real Problem with Modern Drivers

Re: The Real Problem with Modern Drivers

Postby LesMurray » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:27 pm

k2baloo wrote:Hi Les,
Actually, the 3 wood I weighted up is a PT1W that has a Pro Pel 1 shaft in it. It ended up just a bit under 15 ounces and I was pretty happy with the way it hit.
The 4 Wood is a DX1W with a MacGregor Tourney 1 shaft and those things are quite firm too.
I've only done one pass through the boxes and pulled out ~20 persimmons. Of those ones, only that 3 wood had the propel 1 shaft. There very well could be more but I'm not sure right now. You want me to let you know if I find some?

Also, I've seen 2 different propel shaft bands now, so I'm assuming MacGregor used the name a couple of times on different shafts. Anyone know about that?

I'm always on the hunt for clubs with good shafts. Sure if you run across any: ProPel 1, TT Rocket S Green Band, Hogan Apex 5.
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Re: The Real Problem with Modern Drivers

Postby Wknhacker » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:16 pm

My persimmon driver is a Powerbilt Citation. The label on the shaft has only "True Temper - Custom Made". It feels like stiff flex to me. Bought it locally about three years ago from a guy who had a garage full of vintage golf gear. I got a full set of Hogan Apex II for $150 CDN from him and he threw in the Powerbilt driver for free! It was practically brand new but I've since put some miles on it. I mostly use it on shorter municipal tracks. Such an awesome golf club. Makes a beautiful sound when you nut it right in the middle.

This pic isn't of my driver but it's the exact same model and it looks exactly like mine.

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