Hogan/Slazenger Sunburst Irons

Hogan/Slazenger Sunburst Irons

Postby paradigm_shift » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:08 am

So I stumbled upon this set of 4-9 irons....and I was confused as to what model they are.

Am I correct in thinking they are the Sunburst irons? I know the originals were from the 1950s....but were the Slazenger's made at the same time?

Great heavy irons but there is noticeable offset. Lag has said this may be the best Hogan blade, but man it seems like he'd have a lot of work to remove the offset.
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Re: Hogan/Slazenger Sunburst Irons

Postby LesMurray » Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:40 am

Slazenger was the licensed manufacturer for Hogan in Europe and these are usually great finds.

I don't see the offset you are talking about. I have a set of '58 Precisions and they have very little offset compared to my '76 Staffs. Generally you want the center of the shaft to line up with the 3rd groove, which your Sunbursts appear to do.
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Re: Hogan/Slazenger Sunburst Irons

Postby mtmax » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:45 pm

I have a set of the Slazenger Hogan precisions, very similar. The US Hogan model and its Slazenger Hogan counterpart were made in the same year. Mine have the green band rocket shafts, and I think alot of them used these shafts. Most I have seen were forged in England. All of the Hogan Slazengers I have seen are Stainless Steel, much harder then the usual steel used. Consequently they tend to remain in pretty good shape. Rare to see much "bag chatter" or bad rust, or any chrome chipping. I have read that the stainless never really caught on for 2 reasons. One, being a tougher steel they were harder to forge, and so harder on the dies, which had to be remade more often. This added to the cost of manufacture. I also remember reading Hogan thought the feel was not quite as good as the standard steel. These things may explain why stainless never really caught on. I personally really like them. Were the Hogan Slazengers made in anything other then stainless? I don't know, would be interesting to find out.

I cannot tell from the pictures if yours are stainless, but I sure don't see any bag chatter, and would not be surprised if they were stainless. Hogan licensed his designs to other countries to be made there, and I believe they were cosmetically very similar to the ones made here (other then slazenger markings and the stainless). Alot were made in England for sure, as Les said, and I think I remember seeing some similar Hogan Slazengers that were forged in New Zealand.

Have fun with them, and let us know how you like them!
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