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Re: Equipment Modding Question for a Newbie

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:54 pm
by eth14dev
Hey Grady,

Just realized that you are hosting one of the main forum threads especially the swing postings mega thread.
Saw your swing, great stuff. You are definitely, very much further along in your journey than me :)

Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for the heads up on X500. Been on the hunt, but seeing as the shafts I am looking for rare. I think my crazy ideas for super heavy clubs will be on hold until I can find the shafts I am looking for. Hoping to get my hands on any of the following, hopefully all at some point to try:

-Hogan Apex Pro (5) - silver label heavy thick wall version of the red label Apex. Like an X100 vs x400.
-Hogan Apex D (5) -like an X300 so inbetween the standard and the pro model.
-Hogan Vector (5)
-Hogan True Temper Flash Reaction - X equivalent. These seem to have a different letter system like "n"?
-Dynamic Gold (x500) - as you have brought to my attention. Thought they only made up to 400, until researching. Thanks
-TT Dynamic (X) - The old super thick walled version.
-TT Tourney (X) - The ones that were in the Macgregor 40's to early 50's prior to the propel and tourney action shafts.
-TT Rocket (X)
-Macgregor Propel (1) - The old one with the black label, instead of the later silver label. I think they are the same shaft just a label aesthetic change.

So as mentioned just going to first get some X-Stiffs before worrying too much about doing crazy stuff. Speaking of crazy leaded up my equalizer. Really happy as I can feel the head so much better now. My dad and I went to the range in the evening to play with the lead. Both of us left with so much lead on our pitching wedges that we have almost used up an entire role between the two of us.

Also asked him to snag some quick swing vids of me on his phone, so apologies on poor quality and the camera being a little wobbly. In both vids the camera is very slowly moving down through the whole swing. Turned the shutter rate up as high it will go for a smart phone to at least see if would look not like a messy blur. As promised will get some better footage, in the future when conducting the real tests. I will post these two recents vids in the swing postings thread with some commentary on what I have been working on these 2.11 years now.

Thanks for the support.

Re: Equipment Modding Question for a Newbie

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:03 pm
by eth14dev
Lead + Equalizer = Fun Time! :lol: