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Postby IanB » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:08 pm

Every time I go back to that club I wander around to the trophy cabinet and look at those club they are quite the inspiration!
They must be SO damn heavy, not just because of the huge amount of lead in the head, but those grips must be pretty darned heavy also.

With that in mind and limited by some space limitation Ive been trying training my modules with the equipment below.
The ball on the end is filled with sand or something and the weight is 8lbs.
With that kind of weight Ive been doing my M8
Also been working the same move with a cable machine in the gym with the pulley at just below knee height
(I did read about Hogan practicing with someone pulling on the head of the club offering resistance)
I am becoming more and more aware why HEAVY equipment is so intrinsic to ABS
When we become educated in the hitters swing , and some real weight, I think the weight helps put us in the right position.
Bio-mechanically ABS is the natural way to swing long as your swinging something with some mass
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