Persimmon loft , face grooves

Persimmon loft , face grooves

Postby IanB » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:49 pm

I was wondering if anyone had done any testing with the loft and grooves needed on a persimmon in general to work optimally with the modern ball?

It would be interesting to know if people generally require more loft and if so how much. I know I do but perhaps this is due to as I flatten the lie angle it tends to open the face. Then as I close the face to set it square the loft decreases. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways I had a chance to play persimmon on a very high quality simulator the other day and I was very happy with the results other than needing a bit higher ball flight. File in hand my testbed club now has extra loft!! Adding the loft removed the grooves from the glass insert on the face but i figured what the heck the frying pan guys always are after high launch and low spin. Perhaps a groove less, high loft, heavy, flat and stiff persimmon is the way to go! 8-)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

I will report back
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Re: Persimmon loft , face grooves

Postby 20 Mule Team » Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:02 am

I've read that grooves on modern drivers are strictly cosmetic -- and that makes sense as the only real purpose of the grooves is supposed to be to channel away impediments like grass and moisture, which you obviously don't have to worry about off the tee.

As for loft and ball flight, I've found that if you get a driver with a lighter insert it will generally have a higher ball flight than another driver of the same loft but heavier insert. That's because more weight would have been added under the sole plate to make up for the lighter insert, thus moving the center of gravity lower. Specifically, I've found the MacGregor's of the late 60's with the aluminum insert fits the bill. I launch that 11* driver as high or higher than a 14* two wood.

The downside being that you get more spin and less roll. So sometimes that higher ball flight for me is a good thing, sometimes not. Depends on the conditions.

My Mac is a fairway finder for sure, but my preferable setup these days is my Spaldings where I use the 2 wood as my primary tee club -- especially when I want the higher, straighter launch. But I also have the driver if I want to hit a low fade. They really complement each other well.

As for your original point, it'd be interesting to take a 2 wood with more loft, say 13-14*, then add some lead into the back of the head to raise the center of gravity and lower spin. I suppose you could even do it with a 15-16* 3 wood. Hmmm, another project...
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