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Postby Knightwriter » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:43 am

Stu Carlburger wrote:Knightwriter,

I have no experience with those shafts that you talk about. However, I have been counter weighting my clubs for years and love the feel. I put 35 gr plugs in the butt end of my irons, along with 4 strips of lead tape under the grip. When people pick up my clubs they always seem confused whether the club is really heavy, or really light. Personally, what I love about them is their over all dead weight is very high, but they feel very balanced and neither butt heavy nor head heavy.

I am going to build another set here soon and I am going to some experimenting with progressive weighting/balance point consistency this time. Basically, I'll determine where I want the balance proportional to shaft length -- say 45% from head to butt -- and weight them appropriately. With the set I am using now I wasn't that precise, and every iron has the same amount of weight in the butt. As such, the balance point moves progressively toward the butt as the heads get lighter.

When I first joined the site I posted a question concerning "Club Shallowing and Counterweighting" and wondered is the counter weighting would inhibit the signature ABS club shallowing in transition. At first, like many, I thought (through observing videos) that it was a passive "club head drop" kinda thing. However, I've since come to realize that it's an active forearm rotation and that any inhibition due to the counterweight is likely negligible.

I'm a dedicated tinkerer, and I'd love to hear about weighting experiments.

This seems to be the most popular counterweighting product:

He recommends less counterweighting as the clubs get shorter and heavier in the head. Goes with progressive swingweighting or Moi matching.

I might be interested in experimenting with aerotech i85 or i95 iron shafts with heavy heads and counterweighting them as well. It might be a good way to keep deadweight and control, but also increase power.
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Re: Nunchuk shafts

Postby jfischer13 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:06 pm

I have the tour loc system in my irons and woods. They work great and you buy different weight plugs depending on what you want to do.
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