Best Modern Irons

Re: Best Modern Irons

Postby Knightwriter » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:24 am

Yea, it is more just having all the clubs in my bag feel similar though.

My woods are d3.5 or so. The irons are currently d1.

I'll just play around with lead tape and see if it feels better to have the irons with a bit more swingweight.

Not a big deal but it might be slightly better.

Where's lag's writings on deadweight and swingweight?
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Re: Best Modern Irons

Postby mdrretired » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:17 pm

Please see the following about ing weight:

Re: Counterweighted Clubs - Possibly Resticting Club Shallowing?

Postby lagpressure » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:58 am
Swing weight is a highly overrated concept that in my opinion never should have gained the traction it has in the equipment fitting world.

The ball is going to respond to the mass in the clubhead primarily, and if you are a hitter holding shaft flex, then you are also incorporating the mass of the entire club and further working into your body.

Adding butt weight increases the overall mass of the club, but not the mass of the clubhead. If you are swinging and dumping shaft flex or timing the release of shaft flex into impact, butt weight will have little or no effect on the physics of impact.

The swing weighting conceptually allows for some continuity between finding a balancing point between head weight and grip weight if the club were to be gently balanced upon a fulcrum while in suspended animation. If you find that useful, good for you. I find it pretty much worthless.

If you butt weight and are hitting, I still feel that weight would be better positioned into the head of the club for more direct contact with the impact physics.

The heavier the club, the harder it is to over accelerate the club... therefore the easier it becomes to hold shaft flex. Modern players swinging light gear can get tremendous speed, but lose control of the club. The proof of that is a click away to the PGA Tour channel and watch the pros spraying the ball all over the place. If they can't hit the ball straight, what chance do amateurs have? Not much, so they play wide open courses where no one cares. But we are not in the age of great ball strikers, we are in the age of super long golf ball projection insanity.

The butt weighting has validity if you like the club to "feel" lighter than it actually is. This is personal preference stuff about as important as what color you stain your persimmon or the shade of pink paint you put on your frying pan. There is a lot of psychological stuff like that in golf that can make a difference to some. I don't negate those preferences by any means. I have dots on the clubface of my MacGregor VFQ irons and am sure that helps me hit the ball inside 10 feet more often! :D

I think the thing to really consider is "why" are you butt weighting? If it feels better and you hit the ball better than clubs that are not butt weighted, then you are doing the right thing. If you are doing it just because someone said you should, then you might want to consider moving that weight down into the clubhead and give that a 6 week test.
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Re: Best Modern Irons

Postby MacMan » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:37 pm

I got some MacGregors MT Pro M's that were made just before Golfsmith bought them out. 2-PW

They are Endo forgings with Nippon 1150 Pro S shafts. I think the cutoff for the clubs is 2010 or possibly 2011 but definitely before Golfsmith got them.

They are modern and old school at the same time. And as a bonus they are already heavy clubs. Lag found them pretty easy to bend. Very close to vintage clubs from a modern forging. Lovely to hit, nice classic muscle back looks and are as good as any Muzino's or Muria's I've hit. As alway YMMV.
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Re: Best Modern Irons

Postby MacMan » Tue May 03, 2016 4:51 am

Coupla of corrections in my above post. 3-PW not 2-PW. D'oh

Miura is the correct spelling.

Sorry for the extra post but I realized too late what the mistakes in the post were and was unable to edit that one.
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