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Advanced Ball Striking welcomes you to San Francisco

Pages 21 through 30

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Re: Pages 21 through 30

Postby Addington Arnie » Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:10 pm

Ok here we go TOC for pages 21-30 - enjoy comrades....!

- Golf’s ultimate objective: holding the flex of the shaft to the ball

- Debate on the merits of applying FORCE equals MASS times ACCELERATION to the golf swing

- Hitting, swinging and the short game

- Why poor players sometimes hit great shots.....!

- Backswing loading options, the least of our worries......

- Precise yardages or gut feel

- Experiences of the “Zone”

- Comparing automatic (passive) vs non-automatic (active) release

- Downswing loading options and explanations (drag loading, drive loading, float loading)

- Visual proof that holding shaft flex past impact is possible

- Explaining basic parallel positions as a quick start frame of reference: P1, P2, P3, P4

- “Where is your mind” as you stand over the ball?

- What you can learn from your shot dispersion pattern and taking it to the course

- Understanding the Flat left wrist: Imperative or By-product?

- Is a “Stationary Head” essential?

- Angle of Attack or Arc of Approach: the players bird’s eye view of the swing plane
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