Pages 31 through 40

Advanced Ball Striking welcomes you to San Francisco

Pages 31 through 40

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Re: Pages 31 through 40

Postby Addington Arnie » Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:26 pm

Table of Contents for pages 31-40

-The role of the right arm and elbow in hitting

- Lags view of Hogan as a hitter

- The single best lesson I ever had: learning from putting guru Alvie Thompson

- Some swing sequences of Lag live from the course

- The Traditional Rules of Golf Association (TRA) and Classic Club Tournaments

- Breaking the swing into 4 transitions

o Transition 1: Address to takeaway initiation.
o Transition 2: from backswing to downswing
o Transition 3: from pre impact to impact
o Transition 4: from impact to… wishing I was still feeling impact. (finish)

- The concept of a tight grip with loose wrists

- Analysis of Peter Senior Swing Sequence: one of Lags favourite swings of all time

- Victory at the Las Vegas Classic Club Open 2008
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