Pages 61 through 70

Advanced Ball Striking welcomes you to San Francisco

Pages 61 through 70

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Re: Pages 61 through 70

Postby Addington Arnie » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:05 pm

Table of Contents for p 61 – 70

- A great visual image on the difference between hitting and swinging

- The relationship between hinge action and the speed of post impact rotation and why it’s important

- Different ways to draw or fade the ball and Lags preferred method

- How maximum body rotation in both directions can help minimise hand travel

- Thoughts from Sam Snead’s instructional book

- How over swinging on the backswing is usually caused by insufficient post impact pivot acceleration

- The science behind today’s lightweight clubs and how its impacts on swing dynamics

- Understanding again the trade off between velocity and acceleration

- How Hogan’s swing relates to The Golfing Machine (TGM)

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