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Pages 91 through 100

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Re: Pages 91 through 100

Postby Addington Arnie » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:39 pm

Table of Contents for p91 – 100

Helmet off, bat waved at the dressing room (cricket analogies for the confused!) as the century comes up in style. For me one of the best and enjoyable sections in the whole thread– full of interesting nuggets and insights!

- More on whether you can “pull” and “push” in the same golf swing

- BPGS1 on TGM swing styles

- Lag and Shome / Two Masters realise that they have played against each other at the highest level!

- Lag and Shome / Two Masters on memories of Peter Senior on tour

- Lag and Shome / Two Masters on whether it is possible to accelerate the club past impact

- Shome / Two Masters on using the bounce on a wedge

- More on the impact of lightweight modern gear on the golf swing

- Shome / Two Masters on how the game has changed over the past 15 years


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