Ben Hogan's wedges during his playing career?

Re: Ben Hogan's wedges during his playing career?

Postby Hot Soup » Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:13 am


Cool find. Where did you come across that photo? It appears to be an R90, which was the R20 with scoring lines vs. dot face. I think that also looks like a pyratone shaft, which would make sense given that was pre-WWII and the chrome shafted R90s were all post-WWII in the late-40's, early-50's.
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Re: Ben Hogan's wedges during his playing career?

Postby mrlek » Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:17 pm

The photos were taken by George Strock for Life Magazine, I believe around 1939. If you 'google image' the two names together, some of the pics will come up. There are well over 100 pictures from the shoot and not all appear in the search. Basically they show Mr Hogan playing various lies, including a water shot and lefty with blade upside down, among several others. He looks very young so early career for sure.

I've studied the sand iron carefully in the various photos and it matches my R20 in every detail (including brown pyrotone shaft and hosel marks). There were some early R20's but with scored faces - seriously heavy chunks of metal !
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