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Postby Ded2Journey » Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:44 pm

Same here! Mod 3 is killing my game but is really helping mod 2 work. The critiques are true, but anyone that is making a swing change and not hitting the range is foolish. I mentioned in another thread it takes professional golfers years to make swing changes. We are ALL overhauling our swings. Settle in for a long extremely fun and purpose filled ride!quote="LesMurray"]
TheCrow wrote:The drills are obviously designed to work their way in to the swing DNA but I believe that if you don't consciously integrate the drills into a full swing while hitting a golf ball there will be no change...

I think it depends on where you are starting from in order to determine how quickly the drills can work their way into one's swing DNA. Based on my results and input from others in the program, 6 months is not enough time for the drills to become part of the swing DNA "unconsciously". I think the length of time you have been playing with your old swing has a lot to do with how long it takes for the drills to seep into the swing. This course is as much about undoing old habits as learning new ones. I believe it has actually been demonstrated by some in this program where they have taken a 6-month hiatus and have just done drills. Then when they get to the course, they indeed have a vastly different motion than before.

Personally, I felt while in Mod 3 that my current swing was hurt more than it was helped in terms of results on the course. Mod 3 so far has been my most frustrating module. But I attribute this to the fact that my body had no concept of pivot. And, while I drilled on Mod 3 the longest, my execution of such was far from perfect as Mod 4 is disclosing. However, something about how the Mod 4 drill works has triggered something in me that makes my Mod 3 execution much better - far from perfect, but much better.
As you state, these first three modules are very much like learning how to play the individual notes. Learning first just where the club needs to be at impact, how to apply the correct body pressures in the impact arena, and how to get out of impact. These next few modules start connecting the dots from address to impact. Now we are learning chords and phrases instead of just individual notes. As someone here has told me, Mod 8+ we start learning to play the whole song.[/quote]
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Re: Daniel Coyle. The Talent Code

Postby NRG » Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:09 am

This is definitely one of the best books I've read, does a great job of explaining how we learn. Bounce by Matthew Syed well worth a read as well if you liked The Talent Code.
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Re: Daniel Coyle. The Talent Code

Postby IronOfZion » Wed Mar 10, 2021 12:40 pm

NRG wrote:This is definitely one of the best books I've read, does a great job of explaining how we learn. Bounce by Matthew Syed well worth a read as well if you liked The Talent Code.

Hi Neil, I'm reading this at the moment, really liking it so far. It has helped me with module work already! Thanks for the #bounce tip, will check that out also ;)

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