Great Ball Strikers of all time - links to footage and pics

Re: Great Ball Strikers of all time - links to footage and pics

Postby lagpressure » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:16 pm

It really does feel like cutting your body in half when done correctly. I've used the term sawing through the chi. Knudson described it as hitting from the right hip pocket. I like to describe it as right hip pocket to left hip pocket.

We see a lot of right hip pocket guys, a lot of left hip pocket guys, but very saw through the body and do both..
Most instruction starts with right hip pocket, inside out stuff to get the hacker out of major OTT. The left hip pocket camp is going to focus over there,
and a lot of that can be compromised with upright clubs, offset. People want to come down steep. It's as intuitive as chopping wood with a hatchet.
There are lots of ways to get people out of cronic OTT. I get that. But it's light years from what we are discussing here.

Hogan understood the value of flat lie angles and maximizing mass in the clubhead to the point of diminishing returns. For the great strikers, they were packing lead in the bat and looking more favorably toward 16 ounces than 10. The resistance against heavier pressures created by more mass did not fall on deaf ears like it does today. Now we have just a bunch of velocity junkies and mediocre ball striking. The long irons being taken out of the game has been intentional to mask the reality and the problem. It's easier to market distance to the masses and they need the tour to reflect that.

I won't have any part of it, because I cannot unknow what I know.

To do this, you can't unwind the shoulders early... even if the backswing is flat. That transfer is like a clutch, the flattening is no different than slamming the clutch with the left foot. You do the same thing in the golf swing. Gas pedal, clutch, stick shift, forearm rotation. It's all in play.

All the pictures and positions people are trying to achieve is like panning for fools gold. The real thing is created by the proper application of opposing forces and pressures, not trying to create positions based upon armchair speculation and a mirror on the wall.

All this stuff can be learned and taught... but someone has to be able to do it (no speculation)... then figure out how to communicate those actions, movements, feelings (the instructor) and to learn you need a dedicated subject (student).

At that point, you have a fairly good chance to get it... but of course if one is dealing with injuries, physical limitations, major time restrictions or other difficult life impending situations, then there are other ways to just swing a club and strike a golf ball with mediocre intentions. The weekend casual golfer, golf for tourism etc.
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Re: Great Ball Strikers of all time - links to footage and pics

Postby Range Rat » Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:50 pm

Good spot to place these videos. Love listening to ancient wisdom, so simple, and driven from tournament experience not by some stupid computer program, ground pressure mats, a million sensors strapped all over the joint, or other modern technology noise causing people to chase their tails. Good stuff about cupping, mid-hands, and power golf. Our elders can give our youth two strokes a side, no problem.

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Re: Great Ball Strikers of all time - links to footage and pics

Postby Nickj1 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:42 am

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