Persimmon woods & Weight distribution

Persimmon woods & Weight distribution

Postby fluffy270 » Sun May 24, 2020 9:51 pm

HI all,
A couple of days ago rummaging through my old stash of woods I had a few swings with a late 60's Mac Tourney WDX1 wood, felt good enough to take out for a hit right away....
Any way on the course I was stunned by the mammoth amount of carry off the tee I was seeing (which comes in handy heading in to winter over here). Yet the flip side was I could not stop this wood from slicing no matter what I tried. This wood feels great, and think it's well worth persevering with.

Now for a start this old girl has a lot of bulge and roll, accentuated by some pretty sloppy refinish work in past.
The head does sit a hair more open than what I'd normally play.
I'm yet to pop the hood and see whats happening under the baseplate.

Normally I get my woods up to spec with a combination of lead down the shaft and at the back of the head.
I feel like this driver will require something a little more drastic....

Before I jump in head first appreciate some more thoughts for you all.

Thanks J
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Re: Persimmon woods & Weight distribution

Postby k2baloo » Sat May 30, 2020 5:59 am

Best way to change the slice ball flight is to close the face slightly. You could pull the shaft, and re-bore so the face sits slightly more closed.

Also, I can't hit anything until very well until I dial in the length weight combo. Adding the weight like you normally do might help straighten it out.

BTW, does the wood have a Mac Tourney 1 shaft?
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Re: Persimmon woods & Weight distribution

Postby fluffy270 » Sat May 30, 2020 4:53 pm

hopefully I'll give this driver a little more attention this week. Will make sure the weight is up to my normal spec first before I do anything drastic. This does have it's stock #1 shaft, though it feels softer than most #1's I've played. This shaft is has a very snappy action to it.

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