ABS Putting and Chipping Modules

Available to both ABS and non ABS students

ABS Putting and Chipping Modules

Postby lagpressure » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:11 pm

Putting Module is available for ABS Students for $150 and $200 for Non ABS Students.

The chipping Module is available for $50 for both ABS students and non students.

Package of Putting and Chipping Modules are $200 for ABS Students and $250 for non ABS students.

Many ABS students are having respectable success with it.
The premise is that we are going to apply ABS swing concepts to putting which I prefer to call "chip rolling"
This will cover how to set up a chip roller. How to address, set up, where to be working both the clubface and clubhead path.
There are drills to learn the proper action, and how to get control over pace or speed.

I'll be adding new material from time to time as well.

I have waited over a year to release this material mainly because I wanted to test drive the concepts myself as well as check and monitor the progress of several ABS test subjects.

We can be confident that the protocols demonstrated here have been used by many of the games greatest putters from Locke to Crenshaw, to Loren Roberts to Isao Ioki.

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