Module Video Updates

Module Video Updates

Postby lagpressure » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:28 am

For students who have access to the private side of ABS:

If you are getting a corruption error on the downloading of Module Videos or they won't play or stream properly, it is the fault of new browsers not allowing older video formats to play on them. The files themselves have all been tested and are not corrupt as your browser would like you to believe (and blame me! :evil: )

As of July 28th 2018, I have re converted all the Mod videos that were uploaded as .mp4 files to .mov files. The .mov files seem to be more consistent across various browser platforms. It's always best to download the video and save it on your own computer and possibly keep an older browser in your application programs that you know will play them.

It seems difficult to keep up with the ever changing digital platforms, but these Module videos now have both the higher quality .mp4 and now the .mov formats available.

Simply change the end tag script from .mp4 to .mov and we can get back to playing golf again!
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