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Postby Skinnybuddah » Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:47 am

I downloaded Als book, devoured it, loved it, both instructional and fun to read.

Like Slide I'm a lefty playing right. (strangely enough the pro who taught me this game played right and putted left - I've recently tried this and and too ingrained as a righty - maybe he knew!)

Without doubt there's a lot to be taken from the book, however lefties may have to rework somethings to suit how we play.

I'm not a good putter, incredible desire to improve though, I'm using a Bullseye La Femme to stay true to the game, and am also going to work on left below over close season.

Slide are you still using it and what style, split or overlap?

In effect we'd be using a backhand type of stoke, where as the right dominants would use underarm - do you thing theres a difference.
Seems to me like we'd pull, where as right doms would push.
or what about the 2Thumb grip, with the right hand overlapping the left, the lefts fingers would be on the grip and effectively just taking the right along for a ride, - still give that backhand feel feel however and not the push to the target Al talks about

I'd be interested in finding out the drills that eagle showed if you don't mind sharing or pointing me towards.
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