The Swing of Al Barkow

The Swing of Al Barkow

Postby twomasters » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:26 pm

Somehow in my search across the internet I came across this footage of our resident penman Mr Al Barkow.

With his permission I am posting....I think he secretly wants to see it also!!!

Al as we all know is a master with a pen and not too shabby a golfer also having qualified for the matchplay section of The US Amateur on at least one occasion.
I got to spend an entire day with Al and Lag at Pasatiempo and for dinner when i went out for The Presidents Cup at Harding Park in ' was a fantastic day.
His stories are endless and just more proof that golf is a far reaching sport with clubs or with a pen in business or in pleasure for so many different fields of people to enjoy.

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