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Postby twomasters » Mon May 10, 2010 7:24 pm

Hey Al,
Wondered if you could give us a quick rundown on your thoughts about the following:

1) Best putter day in and day out week in and week out
2) best streaky putter...when they're hot they're hot
3) best short range putter
4) best long range/lag putter

Just wondered if there was any correlation between their styles that helped with their reputation in your eyes

Hope you are doing well mate

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Postby Al Barkow » Fri May 14, 2010 9:44 am

Hey Bradley, good to hear from you. I've gotten into my Sam Snead pivot and am hitting shots (sometimes, gettin' old) like I was a kid again. All this stuff about the right leg shouldl not straighten in the backswing is baloney. Sam did it, and Moe did it, and so did Hogan a little. Anyway, to your questions.
The best day-in-day-out putter I ever saw was Nicklaus, who was also the best short-range putter. His technique was good—as I noted in my book on putting he was a Dominant-Hand putter who as he described it kind of pushed the ball to the hole with his right hand — and the length and pace of his stroke were also important factors. Slow back was for me the central. Very deliberate, which meant absolute control of the clubhead and face (no deviation). He got the same value out of the shortish length of the stroke. Slow and short. But there was also his intense concentration. I think I told you once that he said he stood over the ball as long as he did before starting the stroke because he wanted to clear his mind of all thought. He must have had a lot of them, because he stood over it quite awhile. In any case, it came down to pure instinct when it finally happened.
The best "streaky" putter? I think Trevino, although he was a good solid putter most of the time. But he won when it was going particularly well. He was another guy who sort of pushed the ball to the hole. Tom Watson may have been, and still is, the best streak putter. He could be very ordinary to poor for weeks at a time, but then get it rolling and he was unbeatable. I think he was streaky because he never settled on a basic stroke pattern and method. I remember playing a round with him to open Spanish Bay and midway in the round I had a putt for birdie that I knocked in and afterwards said I put my US Amateur stroke on it. It was (is) the hooded blade thing I talk about in my book. He asked me what that was. In other words, here was a guy who had won it all, was a real champion, but was asking some writer for stroke insights.
The best lag putter I've seen lately is Tiger Woods. He has a terrific touch for distance, which I think comes from being a Dominant-Hand putter (right hand), which controls the club best, but also because there is so little deviation in his stroke

length. He also has a short, tight stroke, which guys do now that they putt on such perfect greens, but his touch is better than most, which may just be a gift. t Be well. Al B
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Postby slide4ever » Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:11 am

Hi Al - it was wonderful to hear today you recently shot your age and did it no less than by dunking a 40 footer on the last hole - how sweet. I have adopted many of the principles you set forth in your putting book and look forward to the day I dunk one on the last hole to shoot my age! You are an inspiration on many fronts - keep it up. Cheers, Slide :D
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Postby frankD » Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:15 pm


RE history of the tour @1974
history of the PGA tour @1989

dear al barkow,

i have had BOTH these books in my library for some time now, and only recently did i notice YOU authored BOTH of these books

i don't know if this is the correct location to post questions about these books, however, i''ll start with ONE basic inquiry;

how in your 1974 book do you know the tour would institute a pension plan by 1983 ?



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